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In the world of increased competition, patent expirations, shrinking margins and changing business models, pharmaceuticals and life sciences companies are evolving their business strategies to deliver value-based services and drugs to their customers.  Pharma and life sciences organizations need to invest in new age tools and technologies to communicate their value proposition to patients, providers, payers and regulatory bodies.

With a decade of experience in the healthcare Industry and strong portfolio of next generation solutions and services, CitiusTech enables organizations to accelerate innovation across various business initiatives including clinical trial optimization, digital health, patient engagement, real world evidence, health outcomes and others.

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Healthcare Life Sciences: Business Focus Areas

CitiusTech works with leading organizations in healthcare, pharmaceutical and CRO industry to offer solutions and frameworks focused on big data, mobile health, BI and analytics to optimize their value chain. CitiusTech , with its comprehensive suite of healthcare services and solutions, helps organizations address complex industry challenges and demonstrate value of their marketed products.

Healthcare Life Sciences Technology Services, CitiusTech

Digital Health
Pharma and Life Sciences organizations are moving beyond the pill, to develop newer patient engagement models, enabling increased role of patients in clinical research and care delivery. CitiusTech helps organizations develop their digital strategies powered by mobile, consumer health devices and IoT to drive patient education, medication adherence, digital trials, trials monitoring, etc.

Clinical Integration and Interoperability
Pharma and life sciences organizations need to capture various data streams across clinical, financial, research and biological domains to develop a single source of truth. With expertise in clinical and claims data aggregation, integration and standardization from partner and commercial data sources, CitiusTech helps organizations develop interconnected systems by sourcing data from EHR, EDC, LIMS, CTMS, devices, wearables as well as commercial datasets like Truven, IMS, Symphony, others.

Population Health and Quality
Driven by the evolving payment models and new quality requirement, pharma and life sciences organizations utilize a unified analytics-driven strategy to improve patient outcome and deliver value-based care. CitiusTech, with its integrated suite of enterprise solutions, enable organizations to drive business initiatives around population health analytics, clinical quality analytics, predictive analytics and others.

Real World Evidence
The role of real world data to communicate the value proposition of its drugs/devices to payers and consumers have increased manifold. CitiusTech brings rich experience in real world data, services and solutions to accelerate data-driven business imperatives and address the needs around comparative effectiveness, personalized medicine, cohort analysis, disease progression, HEOR, sales analytics, observational studies, etc.

Clinical Trial Optimization
Technology innovation focusing on clinical trials optimization and building efficiencies for sponsors have been key focus areas for CRO industry. CitiusTech, with its strong focus on emerging areas and innovation, accelerates the adoption of big data, cloud, mobile and newer technologies to drive business use cases around clinical trial process optimization, lab workflow automation, patient recruitment, site feasibility, risk stratification and others.

Clinical advances and evolving technology have led to transformational changes in medical imaging modalities and diagnostic imaging. CitiusTech’s Medical Imaging Practice develops comprehensive imaging solutions, based on emerging technologies like cloud, mobile, big data, DICOM, etc., to address critical challenges around interoperability, storage and point-of-care decision support.

Healthcare Life Sciences: Healthcare Technology Platforms

CitiusTech helps life sciences organizations leverage its enterprise platforms and expertise in clinical, financial and other data to build cutting-edge solutions and improve efficiencies in pre-clinical research, clinical trials, drug development and post market activities.

Healthcare Life Sciences Technology Solutions, CitiusTech

Out-of-the-box platform for healthcare BI and analytics, comprising of 700+ pre-built KPIs across clinical, operational, financial, regulatory domains – largest measure library in the industry. Offers configurable rules engines, support for real time clinical alerts and data models like RIM, OMOP, I2B2, CDM, FHIM, etc.

Mobile health platform to accelerate mobile-driven patient and physician engagement by establishing a secure communication channel, including devices, wearables and IoT via a secure, HIPPA compliant and scalable SaaS environment.

Big data platform to drive business use cases around data lake, streaming analytics, personalized medicine by leveraging structured and unstructured datasets across the clinical, genomic, lab, financial domains. Available across multiple Hadoop distributions - Hortonworks, Cloudera and BigInsights.

Integrated AnalytiX
Integrated suite of enterprise platforms for data management, analytics and mobility to help healthcare organizations accelerate their quality, cost and care initiatives.